Ostrich figures for Strausberg

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Ostrich figures for Strausberg
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Ostrich plastics made from polystyrene and GRP

On behalf of the German Armed Forces, ACCENTFORM produced two large ostrich sculptures made of polystyrene and GRP after winning a tender. These should welcome visitors to the Garnion town of Strausberg in the future.

The birds, which are a good two and a half meters tall, were initially carved by hand from models with great attention to detail. To give the sculpture stability, the legs were welded from solid tubular steel and attached to a steel pedestal. In order to obtain a hard and weather-resistant surface, the bird sculptures were completely coated with a 2 mm thick GRP layer using the hand-laminating process. The GRP surface should then be finished with an airbrush paint. First of all, the surface had to be filled, sanded and primed – then the ostrich sculptures were given a realistic appearance by airbrush painting. This was then sealed to ensure permanent protection from the elements.

Since May 2018, the giant ostriches have adorned the traffic circle near the Hardenberg barracks and greet passing visitors to the garrison town of Strausberg.

Pictures from production

Project details on the ostrich sculptures made of polystyrene and GRP


German Armed Forces in Strausberg


approx. 2.50 m high, weighs approx. 100 kg

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