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CNC machining
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The increasing demands in model making can no longer be met by manual labor alone. CNC machines (Computerized Numerical Control) are powerful machine tools that create a product or shape from a raw part by machining, forming and removing materials. This production area is automated and perfected through the use of modern control technology. Thanks to CNC machining, we are able to produce models and complex shapes with very high precision. The main technologies in CNC machining are turning and milling. In addition to turning and milling machines, there are many other CNC-controlled technologies such as grinding, lasering, water jet cutting, punching, etc.

In our CNC machining center we mill in particular foundry patterns tools, design models and figures figures from polystyrene. In particular, we work with rigid and flexible foams such as polystyrene block materials or PU boards. ACCENTFORM meets all customer requirements with modern high-performance milling centers and innovative CAD and CAM systems.


  • Three large-format CNC machining centers for object sizes up to 10 x 4x 1.6 m in the area of production for model construction materials, for example UREOL block materials, wood and polystyrene
  • A 6-axis CNC hot wire cutting machine with processing lengths of up to 5 m for polystyrene
  • Two KUKA robots for trimming serial GRP components

With our CAD and CAM programs, we are able to use and process all common data formats.

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