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Model making refers to the creation of true-to-scale prototypes or visualizations of products or systems. Mold making is the process in which molds are produced to make parts or products reproducible in large quantities. Our path to the perfect shape If extremely stable and cost-effective forms are required for the production of components, a stable timber substructure (made of glulam beams) with a cover plate is produced first. This substructure enables a reproducible chip support during subsequent milling and leads to an even and safe load transfer during the subsequent manual laminate. Large-volume STYROPOR blocks are then glued onto the wooden substructure. The cost-effective STYROPOR blocks fill the gap up to the actual functional surface. The STYROPOR structure is pre-milled with undersize and then coated with a paste or PU hard coating. This creates a hard surface that guarantees high compressive strength. The coating must be milled a second time to maintain the exact surface geometry. The resulting surface is finely sanded by hand and then varnished. High-gloss surfaces can also be achieved with an additional polish.
Bionic spheres
Giant golf ball
SAT1 advertising ball
Concrete formwork Parapluie
Canopy roof
GRP façade for ARUP in London
Carbon seating
Riesige Goldene Enzensberger Sterne
Giant poinsettias
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