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GRP roof without corners and edges

GRP roof

Shapely, elegant roof, organically shaped without corners and edges. This GRP canopy roof is used by a large FAST FOOD chain in the drive-in area. There, customers are protected from the effects of the weather when ordering in advance.

First of all, the model and mold construction of the roof was required for production. The first step was therefore to produce two positive models of the canopy roof. The models serve as a template for shaping and are an indispensable basis for the subsequent manufacturing process. The GRP molds were then produced using the positive models. The molds enable precise production of the canopy roof.

The roofs are manufactured in our company using the hand laminate process. The canopy roof is manufactured in a double-skin design and stabilized by an internal, invisible frame construction. As a result, low component thicknesses and wall thicknesses have been realized.

The roof has lighting underneath. The outer surface is finished in RAL 9010 visible gelcoat. The visible gelcoat gives the GRP roof its classic white surface. Due to its manufacture as a GRP body, the roof ultimately has a dead weight of 40 kg. The lightness of the component enables a filigree and light supporting structure with simultaneous stability.

Project details for the canopy roof


ProLicht Advertising GmbH
Schinkelstr. 4
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approx. 3.5 x 2.5 m

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