Sculptural blood cells – facade

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Sculptural blood cells - facade
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Is it all “just” a facade?

First impressions count!

A drawing of the building with the polystyrene blood cells on the façade.

The newly built transfusion center of the Mainz University Medical Center makes it clear from the outside what is going on inside the building. Symbolically depicted giant blood cells decorate the side view of the modern building. The design for this sculptural façade was created by the consortium Marcel Balsen & Marcel Friedrich Weber and won first place in the “Kunst am Bau” competition.

ACCENTFORM was commissioned by Balsen & Weber Gbr to mill the relief-like blood cell structure. The overall image was divided into more than 40 segments according to a specific grid. We milled the individual segments from special façade styrofoam and delivered them to the customer. The individual parts were then assembled on site, directly on the building, and covered with plaster in the same way as the rest of the façade. The large-format blood cell relief thus literally merges with the building.

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Balsen & Weber GbR
Marcel Balsen & Marcel Weber
Jakob-Carl-Junior-Strasse 16
60316 Frankfurt


Transfusion center at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

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