Woodworking & wood construction

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Woodworking & wood construction

Even the plastics industry cannot do without the versatile possibilities of wood and wood-based materials. Whether hardboard, KVH structural timber, plywood, uncoated or coated chipboard; all these materials are used in our joinery department for various applications such as timber construction, depending on their good properties.

Wooden construction for a land vehicle series production made of fiberglass plastic

A fixture made of wood is often required in different production phases of GRP production:

  • Mold and model making – for large-format, geometric objects, e.g. in the field of architecture or trade fair stands, the molds for laminating are made of wood
  • Assembly device for series production – during the production of GRP series parts, for example, body parts are placed in a custom-made wooden assembly device for stabilization and equipped and assembled with additional elements
  • Reinforcement for shapes – with large-format objects, the plastic sculptures are sometimes reinforced from the inside and remain bent on the inside
  • Individual wooden platforms for large GRP plastics
  • Packaging boxes made of plywood are produced for transporting sensitive objects up to a size of approx. 2.5 x 2.5 m
  • Transport racks, transport rollers, large-format pallets – are needed to transport the GRP sculptures and series products
  • Transport securing – when transporting GRP objects in XXL format, an additional wooden structure is often required to stabilize them during transport

Pictures of woodworking and wooden constructions

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