Bench seat for the Nürburgring

Interior design
GRP lampshades Ø 1.9 - Ø 2.5m
Bench seat for the Nürburgring
Carbon seating

High-gloss polished seat bench made of GRP

ACCENTFORM has produced a three-dimensional and ergonomically shaped seat with a spectacular look for the Formula 1 race track in Nürburg. The highly polished benches can be joined together in an endless, snake-like loop to form a “sofa” or set up individually using integrated locking technology.

The benches could also be put together to form a huge circle. Rounded, semi-circular stools were provided as end pieces. All benches are fitted with adjustable feet so that any unevenness in the floor can be compensated for. The surface coating is finished with an abrasion-resistant visible gelcoat so that they are permanently protected against abrasion.

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