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SAT1 advertising ball
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Custom-made SAT1 advertising ball

On behalf of Departmentdeluxe we designed the advertising sphere for the well-known TV station SAT1 produced. The station’s idea was a logo that could be touched and interacted with. Each of the three spheres will be used for self-promotion and commercials in the future.

These decorative “balls”, ranging in size from 40 to 150 cm, imitate the rainbow-colored SAT1 logo. They consist of an inner white sphere and seven colored slats above it.

The first step was to make a positive model and construct a negative mold. The ball was then made from GRP. The particular challenge for us was to position the colored slats on the white sphere at an even distance from each other so that they “float” approx. 5 mm above the sphere. They are only connected to the sphere at the two poles. We mastered this tricky task with precision over a period of three weeks. The beautiful 3D logo now interacts with well-known actors such as Dr. Carola Holzner, Jörg Pilawa, Ralf Schmitz and many others in various commercials for the channel.

Pictures from production

Project details for the advertising sphere


Katja Severin and Elmar Georg Reiner GBR
Bürkleinstrasse 18
80538 Munich


Ø 150 cm
Ø 70 cm
Ø 40 cm

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