Azipod® model

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Azipod® model
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How cruise ships are powered today

Very few people know that large cargo and cruise ships are now powered by electric motors – whereby the electric motor is mounted directly on the ship’s propeller and rotates in a nacelle underneath the ship. Today, the well-known “marine diesel” only generates the electricity required for this and can now run highly efficiently and therefore much more fuel-efficiently and environmentally friendly, regardless of the ship’s speed. For the visitor center of MEYER WERFT we were allowed to make a !!! model for the visitor center.

The innovative electric drive systems from ABB® are called Azipod® and not only offer many environmental and economic benefits. Thanks to the compact design, the space requirement is also considerably reduced: no rigid shaft, no control system also means more space for cabins and cargo, fewer wearing parts and less vibration.

1:1 model

This innovative propulsion system, which is part of the equipment of a new and “greener” cruise class, was to be impressively presented at the MEYER WERFT visitor center in Papenburg. ACCENTFORM was therefore commissioned to build a 1:1 model of an Azipod® drive – no problem for the ACCENTFORM team.

Once the production molds for the nacelle and the five different blades had been prepared, the individual components were manufactured using hand laminate with a wall thickness of 5 mm. A GRP hemisphere serves as the tip of the propeller. Fastening options for the floor and ceiling are located on the individually removable wings. All segments were primed and the nacelle was also painted in-house. The five blades were painted at the client’s premises.

Once all the remaining work had been completed, the propeller was assembled in Papenburg. The impressive model can now be admired at the MEYER WERFT visitor center.

Project details for the Azipod® model


5.39m x 4.07m x 2.90m
Area: 57m²
Weight: approx. 500 kg


KG Visitor Center Industrial Area
South 26871 Papenburg

Project number