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Floating tap in the antique or modern version

Turning perception on its head; This is what the “floating tap” is all about. The principle is based on an optical illusion that makes both the pump mechanism for the water and the transparent pipe for stabilizing the system invisible. The water flows and falls down the outside of the pipe, whereby the pipe with the water supply is not shown in the “waterfall”. This creates the impression that the water comes from nowhere. The floating tap is an eye-catcher for waterworks and gas/water installation companies.

Using CAD, we designed an oversized GRP outlet valve made of hard foam, which was then encased in 2 mm GRP laminate. The outlet valve was then coated with an acrylic lacquer.

We can offer the floating tap in the following versions:

Faucet 'Antique' 3D model
Faucet ‘Antique’ 3D model
Faucet 'Antique' 3D model
Faucet ‘Antique’ 3D model

Faucet “MODERN” for an exhibition stand, on behalf of company Scarso:

Faucet “ANTIKE” in the traffic circle in Frenkendorf, commissioned by Schäublin + Feltsch AG:

ANTIKE” tap for the building materials retailer MeckRohr:

Project details floating tap


Pipe trade MeckRohr GmbH
Tannenweg 22
18059 Rostock


Address Visuelle Realizations OHG
Hans-Sachs-Str. 10
40721 Hilden



Schäublin + Feltsch AG
Sanitary installations Pipeline construction
Rüttigasse 4
4402 Frenkendorf



1235 x 1350 x 425 mm

Project number: