Advertising logo – 100 years of HARIBO

Promotion & Event
Model making & mold making
Bionic spheres
Giant golf ball
Oversized longneck bottle
Keyboard fIT as individual seating furniture
SAT1 advertising ball
Promotion giant egg
Concrete formwork Parapluie
Canopy roof
GRP façade for ARUP in London
Carbon seating
The popular mouse figure
Dickie and laughing gum
Ostrich figures for Strausberg
Ravensburger play figures
Mosaic skull
Donation funnel
GRP - Shower gel bottle
Oversized sculpture - Jean Claude van Johnson
Giant poinsettias
Gigantic nail for Hornbach
Sports car made of polystyrene
Advertising logo - 100 years of HARIBO
Floating tap
Demonstration model - dental implant
Giant meatloaf roll
Stonehenge replica

Huge GRP advertising logo welcomes HARIBO visitors

Who doesn’t know the fantastic, colorful and delicious world of HARIBO -sweets! The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the world-famous confectionery company. For the big birthday image campaign, ACCENTFORM was allowed to produce some 3D images of the 100-year HARIBO logo as a GRP advertising logo.

An approx. 3.5m tall unique logo welcomes visitors and employees in the foyer of the Haribo headquarters in Grafschaft. A further forty or so smaller examples (approx. 50 cm high) were produced for the various Haribo sites in Germany and abroad

For the XXL version of the logo, the prototype was first made from polystyrene for illustration purposes using the 3D data supplied. The negative form of the logo was then milled into PU sheets and then laminated by hand. hand laminating process with GRP. The surface was sanded by hand and colored by airbrushing according to exact customer specifications.

For the smaller logo replicas, negative molds were made from silicone for the individual letters in a series, which were cast by hand with resin. The solid “sweet” letters and the “licorice number” one hundred were then also given an airbrush paint job true to the original. We also produced matching pedestals with a GRP surface for these logo sculptures, on which they were displayed standing upright.

Pictures from production

Project details for the HARIBO GFK advertising logo