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Giant golden vase
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GRP tree trough for 5-star Hotel Kameha Grand

Technical drawing of the giant vases

ACCENTFORM produces, supplies, paints and assembles record-breaking large transportable GRP tree troughs. The giant GRP vase has the design of a flower vase and is a key design element in the atrium of the new hotel building. Another tree trough will form the center of the traffic circle.

The 4.70 m high and 4.20 m wide GRP vases are self-supporting thanks to a GRP sandwich structure. Although the vases created in the new design have a surface area of over 60 m², the total weight of the lightweight construction is only 500 kg per vase.

As today’s biotechnology does not yet offer adequate flowers for vases of this size, the vases are planted with trees. One object will also be equipped with a walk-on platform.

Mold making for the giant GRP vase

The surface of the GRP flower vase is given a gold-colored metallic finish.

“Normal” road transportation of the oversized GRP flower vase is (almost) impossible, which is why we decided on the source of origin. The GRP flower vases are transported by barge from the Mittelland Canal to the banks of the Rhine. During the night, the heavy-duty truck is loaded to transport the GKF tree troughs to the loading port on the Mittelland Canal, approx. 12 km away. Loading onto the barge “Susanne” in Duisburg begins – and with it the journey to Bonn on the Rhine.

Pictures from production

06.10.2009 9:33 a.m. – The vases are delivered, the crane is erected, the insertion of the vases into the hotel begins… At 2:48 p.m. the last of the four vases disappeared through the opening in the roof. All that remains is the assembly and interior work – but that’s another (picture) story.

Once the plants were in place, the planting of the giant vases could begin. No classic flowers could be used for this…

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