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Swimming and garden ponds
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Swimming and garden ponds made of GRP

ACCENTFORM manufactures individual garden and koi ponds made of GRP on site. For cost reasons, garden and koi ponds are usually lined with foil. A major disadvantage, however, is that a liner cannot be adapted to the geometry of the pond without wrinkles and the excrement of the pond inhabitants accumulates there. The water quality suffers due to the resulting nitrogen depot. A swimming and garden pond made of GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) can be laminated on site. The previously excavated terrain geometry is encased in an approx. 3 – 4 mm thick GRP layer. All unevenness of the terrain is mapped, but the surface is smooth and wrinkle-free. It is also almost impossible to puncture holes in the GRP laminate, as the glass fibers have a very high resistance. Due to the manufacturing process, pond surfaces only make sense in GRP from approx. 100 m² (surface area).

Production process

Swimming pool GRP

You design your pond according to your wishes and ensure a sensible water exchange (inlet, outlet, planting, filter and spawning zones, etc.).

We carry out a further inspection of the structure on site and schedule our production team. Dry weather with temperatures of at least 20 degrees is required for production. The construction site is set up on the day of the lecture so that production can start at 8:00 a.m. on the actual production day. For an area of approx. 150 m², a pure working time of approx. 12 hours is required. The surface of the ground must first be sealed against ground moisture using waterproof textile fibers or foil. We use a fiber spraying machine for production, which sprays the glass fibers with a resin mixture of any color. The sprayed-on layers are rolled on (deaerated). A final resin-rich seal finishes the surface application and protects the laminate permanently from water.

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