Giant poppy blossoms

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Giant poppy blossoms

Light-flooded art: robust flowers as XXL 3D objects for delicate elegance

Poppy lamp made of sturdy plastic
Translucent GRP poppy blossoms at night

Poppy flowers are the epitome of delicacy and bright color. But not every poppy flower is as ephemeral as they are often sung about in Romantic poems:

On the occasion of a landscape exhibition by the organizer “Garten Kulturzentrum Niedersachsen – Park der Gärten”, ACCENTFORM XXL produced 10 giant poppy blossom sculptures made of glass fiber reinforced plastic – delicate and sensitive like the original, but stable, durable, safe and functional like all ACCENTFORM sculptures.

Thanks to the highly stable and durable GRP laminate used, the wall thickness of a poppy blossom was only approx. 2-3 mm, and a diameter of approx. 1.5 x 1.4 m was chosen for the asymmetrical funnel shape of the blossom. After laminating the individual shapes, sturdy tubes were mounted on the underside of the flower to act as flower stems or mounting brackets. Two opposing holes in the flower funnel serve as a water outlet – ensuring functionality and stability even in bad weather.

With the color “fire red”, the sculptures were completely adapted to the original found in nature and achieve the same delicate effect as a real poppy flower thanks to the translucency. A lamp embedded in each of the 10 poppy flowers creates an extraordinary light effect that makes the flower glow from within. The assembly and installation of the lamps was checked in detail before delivery and delivered to the client after successful testing.

We are delighted to have played a part in this extraordinary event.

Project details of the XXL 3D objects


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