GRP cladding for agricultural machinery

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GRP cladding for agricultural machinery

GRP cladding in series production

Technical drawing of the cladding

ACCENTFORM manufactures on behalf of Bernard Krone GmbH & Co. KG body panels for the powerful Big X 480-630 forage harvester series. The organically shaped body segment in the typical Krone green-beige gives the GRP cladding of the agricultural machine an unmistakable appearance and ensures visual recognition value on the market.

Overview of the Big X body parts manufactured by ACCENTFORM:

  • Front guard, three-piece
  • Side protection, three-part
  • Side flap, two-piece
  • Tailgate

The GRP surfaces up to a size of 2.0 x 3.5 m can be produced in quantities of over 250 units per year using the conventional RTM process extremely economically. The photo gallery and our video show the individual production steps from cutting the glass fiber mat, RTM injection and assembly of the components to delivery of the GRP cladding.

The RTM process (Resin Transfer Molding) at ACCENTFORM offers the advantage of a fine-grained breakdown of the work content thanks to the production structure designed. This makes it possible to train employees quickly and safely in the individual production steps. This ensures reliable production and a high degree of flexibility in the output quantity.

After the necessary trimming process – which is carried out by robots at ACCENTFORM – reinforcement and adaptation parts are glued to the inside of the body parts. To ensure a durable and secure adhesive bond, the KTL-coated metal parts are bonded using a 2K MMA adhesive.

Production using the RTM process:

Video about the RTM process:

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Another body part produced by ACCENTFORM is used by Krone for the series AX loader and forage wagon series. This GRP cladding is manufactured using the hand laminate process.

ACCENTFORM body kits are delivered on special transport racks that guarantee safe transportation to the customer’s production line.

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