Volke brake trailer

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Volke brake trailer
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Volke brake trailer body

ACCENTFORM manufactured the bodywork from glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) for the new brake trailer from VOLKE.

In addition to the GRP hood, a drawbar cover and a lid (manufactured as a sandwich element) complete the kit.

The pictures kindly provided by VOLKE show the trailer in its fully assembled and painted version.

The body has the following dimensions:
A length of 3650 mm, a width of 1950 mm and a height of 750 mm.

Brake trailers are used in the automotive industry. Brake trailers can be used to simulate driving uphill on flat terrain. New motors can be tested inconspicuously under real conditions for performance and heat resistance during load tests. These trailers can be found particularly in the hot Dead Valley, as well as in the North German Plain. It goes without saying that the design of this trailer should be just as futuristic as that of the new vehicles that are allowed to “pull” this trailer.

Brake trailer from Volke

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