Giant poinsettias

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Giant golf ball
Oversized longneck bottle
Keyboard fIT as individual seating furniture
SAT1 advertising ball
Promotion giant egg
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GRP façade for ARUP in London
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Giant poinsettias
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Giant meatloaf roll
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Illuminated Enzensberger stars as XXL exhibition objects

It would be difficult for customers to imagine a department store during the Advent season without Christmas decorations, glitter and sparkle. We were able to contribute to the Christmas atmosphere in the Ernst-August-Galerie in Hanover with our XXL illuminated exhibition objects.

Based on a design draft by First Christmas by ROSENAU we made three giant Enzensberger stars. For this project, we first designed and built a mold with a diameter of two meters. This mold was then used to create the stars using the hand laminate process from GRP using this mold. Finally, the oversized Enzenberger stars were painted with a metallic gold paint and sealed with a clear varnish.

The lighting with over 160 light points was provided by company Homeier-Lichttechnik in Nienstädt was responsible for the lighting. A particular challenge for us was to route the optical fibers through a small flap in the body of the star so that they could be bundled in front of the light source.

Just in time for Advent, the three golden Enzensberger stars shone in their sparkling splendor and contributed to the pre-Christmas joy of the customers.

Pictures from production

Project details for the illuminated exhibition objects in XXL