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Extravagant highlights for Geneva discotheque

Extravagant mosaic skull with lighting in a disco

If you want to give your club a special touch, you have to come up with something unusual: like the JAVACLUB discotheque. As a commissioned work for the Berlin artist Nicole Zäch ACCENTFORM realized a giant GRP skull as the basic form for a work of art with enormous impact: the mosaic skull!

Prior to the work, a skull was scanned and converted into a CAD file. The head was then milled from various STYROPOR parts using a CNC machining center and glued together to form a single piece. After a professional finishing touch, the work of art could already be easily guessed.

After the skull was laminated with GRP, filled and sanded, it was finally given its true face: many small glass mosaic stones with white gold content, which were glued to the entire surface of the skull, make this sculpture an absolute eye-catcher, because that is the Berlin artist’s specialty Nicole Zäch. Special lamps integrated directly into the eyes of the skull will not only light up the skull, but also the entire disco!

GRP flowers covered with mosaic

In 2018, we were able to work for Nicole Zäch to realize another project for this club. According to customer specifications, we produced the mold from GRP for an eye-catching, flower-like decoration. There were a total of four blossoms with diameters of 1400 mm and 2000 mm, consisting of four or eight individual parts. The individual parts were glued into the metal frame provided by our customer.

This oversized flower was created using glass mosaic by Nicole Zäch into another sparkling eye-catcher.

Project details


Zäch Mosaics
Nicole Zäch
10715 Berlin


Skull: 1200mm x 850 mm, approx. 40 kg

Flowers: One flower ø 2000mm
Two blossoms ø 1400mm x 800mm
One flower ø 1400mm x 500m

Project number