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Windfinger artwork as a landmark for Norrliden

Technical drawing

We were commissioned by the artist group “Schaum” to produce a work of art called “Windfinger” as a landmark for a small residential area of Norrliden in Kalmar.

The artwork is a 4-meter-high hand with an index finger raised to the sky. At the tip of the index finger is a windmill that produces an LED light ring when turned. This is supposed to be a symbol for wind power.

To produce the artwork, the first step was to scan a hand and convert it into a CAD file using reverse engineering.

The sculpture was then milled from five large-format STYROPOR blocks using a CNC machining center and glued together into one.

Next, “Windfinger” was laminated with the GRP, then filled and sanded. Only after some fine-tuning has this hand become a real work of art. The sculpture is coated with a graffiti protection paint in RAL 9003.

ACCENTFORM realized this project from production to installation in Sweden.

We would like to thank the following for their professional collaboration artist group SCHAUM (Alexandra Lotz, Tim Kellner, Marc Wiesel).

Project details for the artwork Windfinger

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