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Elaborate anthropomorphic figures for Cathrin Hoffmann

In the impressive paintings and sculptures by Berlin artist Cathrin Hoffmann are dominated by consumed, anthropomorphic figures in Bordeaux and blue tones. “I create creatures that are close enough to human beings for you to identify with them and far enough away from them for you to get involved with them. If I see something that puts me off at first, I take a closer look…”, says the artist.

We were commissioned by the artist to produce some of these impressive humanoid sculptures based on her digital designs. The first four figures, measuring up to 236 cm, were milled from polystyrene. In the next order, we milled three more smaller figures from a very durable and hard PU material. Cathrin Hoffmann then reworked all of these unique pieces by hand and coated some of them with epoxy resin before painting them in monochrome. These anthropomorphic figures – created through metamorphosis from the idea to the digital to the analog world – have been presented to the public in renowned galleries worldwide, e.g:

We are looking forward to the constructive collaboration and to further works of art by this likeable artist.

The company ACCENTFORM has already made 7 sculptures for me from a wide variety of materials. Before I discovered ACCENTFORM, numerous other companies assured me that my sculptures were too special and not feasible. However, ACCENTFORM has mastered every sculpture with flying colors. The friendly personal contact and the speed of production are remarkable and a unique selling point for me. You can tell that, in addition to the professional production of industrial series products, the company also likes to put love and detail into the tricky task of making art objects.

Cathrin Hoffmann

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70 cm to 236 cm high

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