Bibendum (Michelin Man)

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Bibendum as a GRP promotion object

In 2000, Bibendum – the ever-popular and corpulent Michelin man – was voted the best corporate logo of all time by a Financial Times jury. According to the original myth, the Michelin Man originated from the imagination of company founder Édouard Michelin. ACCENTFORM was allowed to produce Bibendum as a giant GRP promotional object.

The Bibendum was produced as a giant advertising figure for our customer ProLicht Werbung. The popular mascot was manufactured at ACENTFORM using the hand laminate process. The GRP produced by hand lay-up is characterized by its particularly robust and weatherproof surface. Thanks to a design with fire protection in accordance with fire protection standard DIN 4102, the GRP object can also be set up at indoor events or trade fairs without any problems.

The multi-part design of the Michelin Man Bibendum was particularly important for our customer. Because even a tire man cannot always move around on his own, this Bibendum has been designed to be dismantled so that it can be transported to the next location. For this reason, the giant promotional figure was constructed with a designated base and inspection flap.

The Michelin man, who is also affectionately known as Bibendum, has not only won the hearts of many people. Its robust design and appealing appearance make it a timeless symbol of quality and mobility. We look forward to the GRP giant going on tour as an advertising object from now on and making hearts beat faster.

Project details on the GFK promotion object Bibendum


Total width approx. 4450 mm
Total height approx. 3500 mm

Project number