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XXL 3D objects in the ballroom of a renowned hotel

Giant foot model

There is no challenge that we do not face. In order to stage the auditorium of a renowned hotel in an unusual way, ACCENTFORM was commissioned to produce an oversized and very delicately designed model base made of polystyrene as an XXL 3D object.

To do this, the customer’s foot had to be scanned in advance and assembled into a CAD file using reverse engineering, which could then be processed further. The desired model was then subdivided into individual segments, each of which could be realized with a CNC machining center. The surface was first coated with GRP and then with white paint.

After assembling all the parts into the desired polystyrene model base, the XXL 3D object was reworked by our professional team to meet individual customer requirements and adapted accordingly.

Giant hand model

A 2.50 m tall and 80 kg heavy hand model was made in a similar way. This was also scanned in the first step. We used the CAD file for the further production of the giant hand. After the work on the CNC milling machine, a weatherproof coating of GRP was applied using the hand laminate process. Finally, the paint was applied by our in-house paint shop.

Both objects can cut a fine figure both indoors and outdoors in the future.

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