Horse figurine – Spirit

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Spirit as an advertising figure made of GRP

The wild Mustang Spirit is the hero in a well-known Super RTL series and is now known not only to girls aged 6-9. He is a special friend and soulmate of 12-year-old Lucky and accompanies her on her exciting adventures every day. From now on, Spirit is also available to touch as an advertising figure made of GRP.

On behalf of the advertising agency PIE Five Marketing ACCENTFORM produced a true-to-original 2m high Spirit figure as an advertising figure made of GRP for the children’s TV channel Super RTL. First, the body was milled out of polystyrene on a CNC machining center using the CAD files supplied. In order to obtain a hard and weather-resistant surface, the soft polystyrene surface was coated with a 2 mm thick GRP layer using the hand-laminating process. To create a smooth and even surface, the entire surface must be filled, filled, sanded and primed. This process is very time-consuming and has a major impact on product quality. With a professional painting by graffiti artist BeNeR1 brought the horse sculpture to life. To protect the airbrush paintwork and for a natural look, an extremely matt clear varnish was then applied. The finished GRP advertising figure is mounted on a mobile base plate with four wheels to ensure mobility at changing exhibition locations.

Pictures from production

Project details for the GRP advertising figure


PIE five Marketing on behalf of SUPER RTL


approx. 2.00 m high, 70 kg heavy

Project number