Life-size figures – bronze lions

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Life-size figures - bronze lions
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Life-size figures, weatherproof and lightweight

These custom-made bronze lions were requested as life-size figures for use on a private mega yacht. In addition to numerous other requirements, they had to be particularly light and, in particular, extremely weather-resistant.

For the realization, our artists carved the life-size images with great attention to detail from a hard foam model. This hard foam model serves as the basis for the following steps. In order to create a hard, weather-resistant and paintable surface, the hard foam core is encased in GRP. The coating was applied using the hand laminate process. A robust and weather-resistant surface was produced using glass fiber and polyester fiber. This is not only robust but is also characterized by its wall thickness of 5mm. The color design was accurately created by our in-house paint shop according to the customer’s wishes as a deceptively real bronze coating and then sealed to make it weatherproof.

This enabled us to supply our customer with life-size, weatherproof bronze lions weighing just 30 kg. These large cats are not at all afraid of the water and their weatherproof coating means that they can be placed on the deck of the yacht or indoors in the future.

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