Dolphins made of GRP

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Dolphins made of GRP
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Life-size figures made of GRP

Our engineers and designers have created these four life-size dolphin figures made of GRP with great attention to detail. The special feature here is that the four figures were sculpted. Here is the story of how these impressive figures came to be:

First, a sculptural form of the dolphins was designed. The classically designed shape serves as the basis for the subsequent stages of production. The shape of the dolphins was created as a laminate core from a hard foam positive model. After the basic form was sculpted from hard foam, the surfaces were coated. To achieve this, a robust and weather-resistant surface was created using a hand-laminating process with glass fiber and polyester fiber. This is not only robust but is also characterized by its wall thickness of 5mm. The final step was the coloring. The first step was to prime the dolphins. The decision was then made to use the airbrush method for the coloring. The aim was to use airbrush painting to create a child-friendly and recognizable look. Finally, the figures were carefully sealed to protect them from the elements.

The lovingly crafted life-size dolphins are now ready for delivery and will defy wind and weather with ease.

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