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Rolli and Falthauser
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Rolli and Falthauser as GRP advertising figures

For the BAVARIA Filmstadt, we were able to produce two very special unique GRP advertising figures: Rolli and Falthauser.

Rolli – the film reel – is the logo of the Filmstadt and a loyal companion for visitors to the BAVARIA Filmstadt; Falthauser is a character from “Lissi und der wilde Kaiser”, the popular Sissi animation parody by Bully Herbig, and embodies a touch of fairy tale and adventure.

The advertising figures were produced using glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Both figures are each approx. 1.6 m tall and consist of a polystyrene hard foam core and a weatherproof GRP coating. For production, the Rolli and Falthauser bodies were first milled by our CNC milling machines. Polystyrene was chosen for this. Both figures were then coated with GRP using the hand laminate process. After the weatherproof sheathing with GRP, the subsequent coloring took place. To achieve this, Rolli was given a paint finish by our paint shop. The coloring of the Falthauser advertising figure was done in a detailed and high-quality airbrush process. This enabled us to produce a particularly deep and strongly shimmering black for Falthauser’s tailcoat.

Pictures from production

We would like to thank Bavaria Film GmbH for their cooperation. The images are presented with the kind permission of herbX film and Bavaria Film GmbH.

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