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Giant salamander at Hanover Zoo

Giant salamanders at the Zoologicum in Hanover

The famous Hanover Adventure Zoo is currently being expanded with the construction of a new Zoologicum is being extended. This themed world will present giant tortoises, amphibians, sloths, macaws, coatis & co. in a stimulating appearance. In keeping with this themed landscape, we were commissioned to create a gigantic giant salamander figure that crawls along the tower at the entrance to the Zoologicum and welcomes visitors.

The five-meter-long amphibian replica was first milled in several segments using our 3-axis milling machine. The assembled figure was then coated with polyurea hotcoat coating applied. The orange peel-like spray structure not only gives the fire salamander an authentic surface, but also makes it hard and weatherproof. Four stainless steel plates were provided at the feet and integrated into the feet for subsequent attachment to the tower façade.

After the black primer coat, the giant salamander was realistically painted by hand and sealed with a glossy coat of varnish.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team. You succeeded very well in realizing our idea of a larger-than-life salamander. Everyone in the house is delighted with the result. On Friday, the figure will hang in its final place and inspire people for animals. Special thanks to Ms. Wagner for her friendly support.”

Detlef Meiners – Hannover Adventure Zoo

Pictures from production

Project details

Size and weight

approx. 5 m long and 100 kg heavy

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