Globus – “Chocco’lissimo””

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Artwork "Mother" for Fred Wilson
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Foiled globe as a giant globe
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Mirrored globe light
Mirror ball - ILA Berlin
Globus - "Chocco'lissimo""
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Chrome-plated balls - Voestalpine
Ball for the Tyrolean Festival
Giant molecule model
Fascinating projection sphere
Walk-in art - Spherical house


For the “Chocco’lissimo” promotional tour, ACCENTFORM produced a 2-meter electrically powered globe as well as several sales stands, showcases and multimedia displays.

To reflect the “Chocco’lissimo” theme, the displays were designed in the shape of a chocolate bar and covered with a realistic lacquered film with digital printing. The elegant gold metallic finish of the feet rounds off the elegant overall appearance of the displays. The displays were manufactured from a glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP).

The 2-meter globe was made in a similar way. In the first step, the basic body was manufactured using the hand laminate process. The GRP globe was then given a vibrant airbrush paint job. To the particular delight of our team, the colored continents were decorated with Ritter Sport Minis. Never before has so much chocolate been eaten at ACCENTFORM as during the production process of the “”Chocco’lissimo”” globe.

During the “Chocco’lissimo” promotional tour, the globe in particular awakened a spirit of adventure and an appetite for something new among walk-in customers. New varieties can be sampled and familiar chocolate variations rediscovered.

Project details of the globe and the displays


Nollendorfstr. 15
10777 Berlin

Globe dimensions

Diameter approx. 2000 mm, wall thickness: approx. 5 mm

Display dimensions

Width: approx. 2200 mm, height approx. 1000 mm, wall thickness approx. 5 mm

Project number