Equestrian Pan Arab Games

Angel of Prince's Gate - figure for riding obstacle
Olympia 2008 - Obstacle objects
Equestrian sport - Obstacles
Equestrian Pan Arab Games
Sports car made of polystyrene

ACCENTFORM always in the picture at the Pan Arab Games 2011

ACCENTFORM produced spectacular jumping obstacles for this year’s Pan Arab Games in Doha/Qatar (December 6 to 23, 2011), the most important sporting event in the Arab world. The GRP parts designed by the client Cardinali & Rothenberger GmbH in the form of obstacles, sculptures, displays and components impress with their great design and organic free-form surfaces. The Pan Arab Games 2011 were not only a remarkable sporting event, but also a celebration of diversity and cohesion in the Arab world. The sophisticated jumping obstacles represent aesthetics in this context and lend the event a special charm.

The jumping obstacles were manufactured in several stages: First, 3D drawings were created according to the images provided by the customer. This was followed by CAM programming and milling on our CNC milling machines.

In contrast to conventionally constructed obstacle elements, the elements for the Pan Arab Games were milled from a special, polystyrene-like lightweight foam. After milling, the individual elements were sealed, sanded and laminated with a GRP. These uniquely shaped GRP parts with low weight, high stability and low risk of injury thanks to their compact design are a win-win situation for all parties.

Project details for the GRP parts

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