Equestrian sport – Obstacles

Angel of Prince's Gate - figure for riding obstacle
Olympia 2008 - Obstacle objects
Equestrian sport - Obstacles
Equestrian Pan Arab Games
Sports car made of polystyrene

While riders and horses can let off steam on these jumping obstacles without limits, the customer’s imagination knows no bounds when it comes to the variety of shapes these objects can take: Decorative elements that fit seamlessly into a course also have a long tradition as advertising media. The more playfully and skillfully the equestrian obstacles are integrated into the sporting events and offer nuanced variety, the more they are appreciated by the public.

At the same time, of course, they must meet the needs and safety requirements of horses and humans. ACCENTFORM is very familiar with these requirements and also manufactures unusual objects to customer specifications with the greatest care. Each element is designed to minimize the risk of injury to rider and horse. All elements are characterized not only by their unique design but also by their low weight, high stability and lightness.

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