Styrofoam sports car

By order of the company Neulant van Exel we were allowed to produce a fancy sports car model in original size.

Based on the supplied 3D data, a 1 : 1 replica was milled with high precision from a large-sized polystyrene block. The 4.8 m long model was produced on a 5-axis portal milling machine (10 x 4.5 m) in one clamping.
The car tires were milled separately and later movably attached to the model. The open-pored Styrofoam surface was closed with a mineral putty by manual processing and painted black/red. Further adjustments, as well as the mounting of the lamps were done by the customer.

The luxury sleigh was first used as a stage backdrop for the performance of a well-known German rapper duo.

Production pictures:


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