Seamless surfaces due to pasting

When creating large-format models or tools, the greatest challenge is to achieve an optimum surface finish. Small objects are usually made from PU block materials, i.e. semi-finished products. For objects larger than 1 m², as well as having a three-dimensional geometry (for example, spherical shape), one quickly reaches physical and financial limits. The costs for the modeling block materials, as well as the raw part weight, increase enormously. In addition, there are considerable expenses for gluing the modeling plates together and subsequently milling off the excess material.

A highly efficient solution here is bepasting for large-format models and molds. First, a stable wooden structure is made onto which large-format polystyrene blocks are glued. Then the desired component geometry is 10milled out to an undersize of approx. mm using special STYROPOR milling tools. This is followed by the actual paste application.

BepastungPaste application The material is mixed homogeneously without air bubbles and applied to the object in a thixotropic state by means of a high-performance K2 mixing unit. The RenPaste™ or4666 RenPaste™ 4503-1 paste used by us makes it possible to apply seamlessly not only to horizontal surfaces but also to vertical or overhead surfaces.

The paste is odorless and cures emission-free within hours24 under room temperature. The cured material is easy to machine, chip formation is excellent and almost dust-free. The milling waste does not require monitoring and can be disposed of as household waste.

ACCENTFORM coats and machines object dimensions up to 10.000 x 4.500 x 2.000 in a clamping.


The creation of seamless surfaces of large-format objects requires routine and a continuous workload in order to be economically viable. If there is a discontinuous demand for the keying of large-format models and molds, ACCENTFORM offers the possibility of contract keying. The customer can take advantage of this service at our Nienstädt facility or have our experienced team perform in-house keying. The in-house keying is gladly accepted for objects, where an increased secrecy (automotive, etc.) is required.

This service is oriented to the short-term and flexible scheduling needs of our customers. A lead time of about a week is desirable, the max. distance should not exceed km300 from our premises.


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