Mirrored Spherical Lamp

Enlightening moments with mirrored globe lamp

The Fritz Gruber place in Cologne shines from now, on in a whole new light: ACCENTFORM created a mirrored LED spherical lamp according to the design specifications of the lighting designer Burkhard Wand from Hamburg. The lamp was processed by Carl Petersen / Hamburg and precisely positioned.

Hanging high above the street, the spherical lamp, made ​​of stainless steel «lights up» accented the public space and creates an impressive evening shadow-play of people, trees and other movable or immovable “characters”.  In a simple way, this creates temporary pictures and makes the place an ever-changing work of art.

ACCENTFORM manufactured the fibreglass sphere of 1.25 meters (4 feet) in diameter and about 5 mm (1/5 inch) thick.  The light-ball illuminates an exactly predetermined square area using high performance LEDs. This fibreglass object includes inside mounting lugs and rotary flanges in order to increase the rigidity and yield a precise cutout in the spherical shape.


For the mirror-like glossy surface ACCENTform used a special metal coating from VeroMetal. In contrast to conventional chemical mirror-like finish coating processes, the stainless steel jacket was applied by means of a 95% metal powder content in a 1.0 mm (.04 inch) thick layer. Due to this rather «thick» metal coating, the surface ensures a very high weather resistance. Accurately smoothed by hand and extensively polished, the impressive spherical lamp provides not only enlightening moments, but also tends to overshadow the conversation.



Carl Petersen Metallverarbeitung e.K.
Langbehnstr. 6-8
22761 Hamburg

Burkhard Wand Lichtplanung
Friedensallee 41
22765 Hamburg


VeroMetal GmbH
Carlstraße 50
52531 Übach-Palenberg



Fotostudio Balsereit
Hahnenstraße 4
50667 Köln