Stairs – Museum Städel

Fibreglass Concrete Shuttering Board

Concrete in shape – with formwork boards created by ACCENTform

Already under construction of the underground part of the Museum Städel in Frankfurt, in 2010, ACCENTform was commissioned by the Bilfinger Construction Company GmbH.  ACCENTform built special forms for the ceiling boarding. The new building of the Museum Städel is characterized by a distinctively-shaped ceiling, with a surface of over ​​2,000 m² (2,392 yds²).

Near the shuttering works of the large staircase, the central entry to the newly created underground exhibit spaces, Bilfinger Construction GmbH continued a close collaboration with ACCENTform.

The unique curves in the ceiling are reminiscent of the harmonic alignments of modern yachts. The staircase bottom is characterized by a smooth transition from a hollow to spherical shape. All elements have been milled in rigid Polystyrene foam and covered with fibreglass.