Artwork Wind Finger

ACCENTFORM was commissioned by the artist group “Schaum” to create an artistic piece called “Wind finger”, to be used as a landmark for a small residence in Norrliden in Kalmar.

The artwork is a four-meter high (13 feet) hand replica with the index finger raised to the sky. On the tip of the index finger, a windmill was installed.  When this windmill turns it produces an LED light symbolizing wind power.

First, the hand was scanned and converted, using reverse engineering, to a CAD file.

Then, the sculpture was shaped from five large-sized Styrofoam blocks by means of our CNC machining center and glued together into one piece.  After a fine sanding this hand became real art.

Next, the “Wind finger” was coated with Fiberglass laminate, then, primed and sanded.  Subsequently, we finished the sculpture with an anti-graffiti protective coating in RAL 9003.

ACCENTFORM has executed this project starting with the manufacturing, and culminated with the  installation in Sweden.



For the professional collaboration, we would like to thank the artist group “Schaum” (Alexandra Lotz, Tim Kellner and Marc Wiesel).