Fibreglass Angel

For international show-jumping competitions, we have produced ​​a horse jumping obstacle, which represent the famous Canadian statue from the Princes´ Gates. This fibreglass Angel was milled in Polyester foam and subsequently sealed. The statue was coated with glass fiber reinforced plastic and finished with white paint.


Work Process:

The angel figure is a replica of the angel from the Exhibition Place’s Prince’s Gates in Toronto. The task was to make a replica of this Angel as a small, weather-resistant, and light angel figure to be mounted on the horse jumping obstacle.

The image research was begun using Google.

  • The freehand drawing, which was scaled to the size of 1.4 m (4.6 feet)
  • Shaping and carving the figure in Polyester foam (Styrofoam)
  • Coated with Fiberglass – this was especially complicated, because many small edges and beads must also be carefully laminated
  • Especially lightweight sculpture

Statue Princes Gates:

The Princes´ Gates, also known as the Princes’ Islands Gates, stand in Toronto (Canada), and it is part of the main entrance to the Canadian National Exhibition. The Prince of Wales and his brother Prince George inaugurated the monument in 1927. The statue is the “Goddess of Winged Victory”, a famous Greek statue, an interpretation of the original Nike of Samothrace.