Chess horse riding obstacles

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Chess horse riding obstacles
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The restrained and high-quality chess pieces are mounted flat on a sturdy base and provide a striking frame for a riding obstacle. The focus of production here is on high stability with the lowest possible dead weight of the object. The requirements for riding obstacles are often particularly light. The low weight is important for several reasons. On the one hand, the lightly executed objects reduce the risk of injury for horse and rider. In addition to the low risk of injury, the riding course can be moved very easily due to the low weight of the GRP chess piece. In this case, lightness therefore means flexibility.

Styrofoam cuttings for chess horses

The jumper figures were first cut out of polystyrene on a CNC milling machine and then encased in GRP. Finally, peel ply was used to guarantee a smooth surface structure. In addition to lightness and stability, the Springer sculptures are also characterized by their weather resistance thanks to the GRP laminate layer.

The GRP chess piece stands for an elegant combination of stability and lightness. At the same time, it is a real eye-catcher on the riding course and defies the elements. The GRP chess pieces are a perfectly shaped example of successful design aesthetics that blend seamlessly into a variety of surroundings and are a delight both indoors and outdoors.

Pictures from the production of the riding obstacles

Project details for the riding obstacles